Imagine a world without labor,
your lifestyle will be faded.


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Insure Labor Safety

A crowdspeaking and support-running
platform for labor around the globe

On, the whole world will come to know several issues regarding the labors and their safety condition at work.

We believe that labors are the vital key player behind changing this world. From the beginning of this planet, every labor is giving up their entire life to develop and make the world more attractive. In return, a labor gets a slight amount of wages. If they fall in any misfortune situation during work than some of them may get the coverage of the loss BUT the maximum number of worker suffer from the damages until the last day of life.

We believe in labor safety. After observing many brutal incidents in lots of industry.

ISL is determined that from now on every labor will get their safety at work through this organization. This organization will work for those labors who don’t get their rights at work and besides it will ensure that the labor safety is insuring properly and that everyone is getting their rights. Insure Labor Safety movement is a widespread effort to prevent cranky work condition for labor. A vital part of this safety movement is creating awareness among all human being so that they stand next to those labors who are making this beautiful world such a living place.

Would you please sign up this petition for insuring labor safety?

Join the movement

Imagine a second without labor,
Your lifestyle will be faded

The change will happen when a number of people willingly dive into this movement and support it from their heart. This section will give the supporters the opportunity to get involved in a variety of ways, from connecting with the local labor safety movement to joining our community.
Initially we are collecting video statements and an online petition from the crowd. The people give us their valued opinions and statements through the website and other social media. We will collect and merge all of the statements together and show it to the world.

Upcoming movement

Our prime focus for the next year is to conduct a successful campaign named the "Insure Labor Safety” movement. To make it happen we have decided that we will take an initiative for a film to spread our word.


To make this campaign successful, people from all over the world can sign an online petition and share their video statement to show that they are with this peaceful movement. Our goal is to collect one hundred thousand signed online petitions and approximately 5 thousand video statements

We hope that we will encourage people to raise their voices to insure labor safety. We have faith that the “Insure Labor Safety” movement has the power to push the consumer, industry and other organizations to be more aware regarding the working conditions for laborers.